Green smoothies are a natural, very healthy drink and are loaded with nutrients. They are prepared with fruit, raw vegetables and a liquid base (milk, water, coconut milk, soy, almonds …). You can use other ingredients such as sweeteners and flavorings (sugar, honey, maple syrup, mint leaves, etc) to enhance its flavor and, to increase its vitality, you can add superfoods. Thus, you will turn a green smoothie into a Super Smoothie.

For its preparation, you only need a blender if you prefer to prepare green juices. If you are looking for the best blender, you are here at the right place.

Here in the following article, we will look at the best 10 blenders to choose from. We will also check types of blender and factors to consider while buying the best green smoothies blender. Read on for all the details.

Product review:

 Best Blender for Green Smoothies in 2019 

Ninja BL66072 oz and Two 16 oz1100Check On Amazon
Vitamix 520064 oz1380Check On Amazon
Ninja BL77072 oz ,64 oz and Two 16 oz1500Check On Amazon
Vitamix 750064 oz1440Check On Amazon
Blentec Blender72 oz1560Check On Amazon
Magic Bullet Pro32 oz900Check On Amazon
Vitamix 75064 oz1380Check On Amazon
Ninja BL61072 oz1000Check On Amazon
Oster Reverse Blender48 oz1000Check On Amazon
Oster Pro 120048 oz and Two 24 oz1200Check On Amazon

 Ninja Professional Countertop Blender with 1100-Watt Base:





Check On Amazon






The Ninja Professional Countertop Blender is a very powerful device with a handy design. It has 1100 watts, a strong performance is hidden in the small and very handy device. With 3 switches on the housing, you can regulate the speed individually.

The plastic stir bar is removable, which makes it extremely easy to clean the mixing rod mixer under running water. A hanging loop helps that the mixing rod blender can be stowed to save space and still in your kitchen always at hand and quickly at hand.

The delivery also includes an attachment for shredding and a small collection container. This is ideal for chopping vegetables such as onions or herbs.


– It is designed with Total Crushing Technology that cruses vegetables, whole fruits, and ice easily and quickly.

– It has a large-sized 72-ounce container which is made of BPA-Free Plastic and Dishwasher Safe.

– Its cutting blades can be removed easily for a thorough cleaning.


  • It includes a ready-to-go container which is very trendy.
  • Easy to clean and maintenance.
  • Powerful machine for powerful performance.
  • Its 1100 watts power can easily crush ice well


  • Some users have complained that hard vegetables and green smoothie come out in chunky consistency.

Vitamix 5200 Blender Professional:




Check On Amazon








Undoubtedly, if one should highlight the quality of the Vitamix 5200 is its high quality. This goes from its materials to its finishes.

In fact, concerning its materials, it must be said that they are made of stainless steel and heat-resistant plastics that give it great strength and durability.

This aspect is especially important when making our decision since the more quality the more profitable our purchase will be.

The model of a machine to beat of which we speak has an extremely manageable front display to which we can take full advantage from the first day: from its different speed modes to its shutdown.



– Its powerful motor can develop power between 1000 and 26000 rpm.

– It is equipped with an ergonomic handle and special blades. With this glass, you can perform all the functions of Vitamix. Although the functions of kneading and chopping dry foods are performed more efficiently with the additional glass that incorporates Vitamix 5200 SUPER or that can be purchased separately.

– Vitamix blades are laser-sharpened stainless steel, which prevents lumps.

– The glassware is state-of-the-art polyester that does not transmit food toxicity, free from PBA, resistant to heat and chemicals.

– Measures: base: 8.8 × 7.2 x 20.5 inches.

– Weight: 10.56 pounds


  • All parts are removable and can be easily washed in the dishwasher.
  • Vitamix blenders are built to last.
  • Easy to clean – just blend warm water and it’s done, no disassembly required.
  • It is engineered and designed in the USA that offers durability.
  • Its powerful blending system offers faster and smoother blends


  • Some users say it’s pricey.

 Ninja Mega Kitchen System (BL770):





Check On Amazon





This blender is designed to handle all your good and drinks to meet the needs. This is a complete kitchen solution that inspires a healthy life for your whole family. It works with a powerful 1500 watt motor base that provides powerful professional performance with it’s a 72 oz blender jar.

All its materials are dishwasher and BPA. This blender has Total Crushing Technology that crushes ice and frozen fruits easily and quickly. This is the perfect blender that offers a custom, nutrient-rich drinks on-the-go.


– Professional kitchen system 1500 watts / 2 horsepower.

– XL 72 oz Total crushing blender crushes ice and frozen fruits in seconds.

– 8 cups food processor container with feeding duct lid – make 2 pounds of dough in 30 seconds.

– Reversible disc for slicing / crushing disc and grid for perfectly even results.

– 2 16 oz Nutri Ninja cups nutrient-rich drinks on-the-go.


  • The blender comes with a 2 horsepower motor that offers great performance.
  • Its blender delivers an amount of 1500 watts in terms of power.
  • Its super suction design makes it so the juicer can easily keep its contents without any spills.
  • This model comes with 4 different sizes of cups to meet your various needs.


  • Some users complained that it makes a lot of noise.
  • The cups are made of glass and it can be damaged if you are not careful.

Vitamix 7500 Blender, Professional-Grade:









Check On Amazon










The stirrer blender from the company Vitamix with the model designation 7500 is an ideal blender of the professional class. Due to the particularly long version of the blender, this is also suitable for large quantities of smoothies.

Thanks to the included wall bracket, the mixing rod blender can be stored to save space and is still easy to handle. In addition to mixing, it can also be used for beating egg whites or cream, making it versatile.

It can be cleaned in just 30 to 60 seconds.



– 10 variable speeds control allows refining each texture with culinary precision.

– Coat thick chops over soft purees for more robust recipes such as thick sauces or thick soups.

– A 64-ounces low profile container provides a perfect meal for the family.

– Very easy to clean in just 30 to 60 seconds.


  • It can turn cold ingredients to hot so great for soup lovers.
  • It is designed with a cool running motor.
  • A large-sized container so best for the whole family.
  • Self-cleaning system. It can be cleaned in just 30 to 60 seconds.


  • Some users say it’s pricey.

Blendtec Total Classic Original Blender with FourSide Jar:





Check On Amazon







This model is designed by Blendtec, the leading brand of professional blenders. This is a perfect combination of design and performance, perfect for everyday use.

Blendtec’s Total Classic Original Blender will allow you to prepare smoothies, soups and vegetable milk in no time at all.

The engine that powers the Blendtec Designer is very powerful, totaling 1560 watts. Coupled with the Blendtec cutting system, it sprays all types of food, including seeds, almonds and hazelnuts deemed difficult.



– The blades of this model are made from cold-forged and hardened steel that offers incredible strength.

– Cocktails can be prepared easily and quickly in no time.

– WideSide + Jar feature a unique 5th side and makes perfect for faster and bigger blends.


  • This blender is equipped with 10 speeds and 6 pre-programmed settings.
  • Its base can easily mix and match with all the Blendtec Jars.
  • It is self-cleaning and it can be cleaned in just 30 to 60 seconds.
  • It blends uniformly. You can easily blend even nuts in smoothies


  • This model has been discontinued and the manufacturer sales only reconditioned version.

Magic Bullet Nutribullet Pro 900 Blender/Mixer:





Check On Amazon






With a 900w motor and greater capacity thanks to its extra-large glass, the Nutribullet Pro 900 has a cyclonic technology capable of pulverizing food. So that at the time of drinking the smoothie our body can absorb better.

The Nutribullet PRO 900 of 15 pieces attractive color will take your health to another level, its ability to extract and absorb nutrients in food is much better than other food processors.



It helps you to pulverize the hardest ingredients and extract the most difficult nutrients like in the seeds without any difficulty.

– Includes: the motor base, 1 extractor blade, 1 easy-open lid, 1 extra-large glass, 1 small cup, 1 ring for comfort of the lips in the grip, 1 airtight lid in case you carry your drink on the road, 1 guide recipes to prepare delicious drinks with the Nutribullet and 1 user manual to learn how to use it.

– Hardcover recipe book is also included so you can easily make any of your favorite smoothies.

– Very easy to use, you just need to push and twist.


  • It is quite compact so you can easily carry on the go.
  • This blender includes a lot of inspiring booklets.
  • Powerful 900 watt motor for the best smoothie experience


  • Some users have complained that the quality of plastic is quite cheap.

 Vitamix Professional Series 750 Blender, Professional Blender:





Check On Amazon






5 presets are responsible for processing smoothies, hot soups, frozen desserts, and purees as well as cleaning, all automatically. The elegant exterior design offers superior durability and will complement the decoration of any kitchen.



– Automated mixing: The five presets ensure simple cleaning, maximum comfort and uniform results in the preparation of recipes for smoothies, frozen desserts, soups, and purees.

– Commercial quality engine: The 2.2 horsepower engine of maximum power and commercial quality allows liquefying the most complicated ingredients.


  • With a drop of dish soap and hot water, your Vitamix machine can be cleaned automatically in 30 to 60 seconds.
  • The 64-ounce, low-profile glass is perfect for preparing meals for your family and guests
  • Hardened stainless steel blades offer long-lasting performance.


  • This price of this blender is quite pricey.

Ninja Professional 72oz Countertop Blender with 1000-Watt Base blender:




Check On Amazon





Ninja Professional BL610 is the perfect blender of performance and style. It is built-in 1000-Watt Base. It has 72 Oz capacity of blender jar so it is a large enough to make smoothies for your whole family.



– 1000 watts of professional powered so it offers your stuff thoroughly and leaving no ingredients.

– Total Crushing Technology offers unsurpassed professional power with blades that spray and crush through ice, vegetables and whole fruits in seconds.

– The explosion of ice in the snow in seconds and mix your favorite ingredients in smoothies, dressings and delicious sauces.


  • Blades are very sharp and set in 3 different levels that leaving no ingredients.
  • it is very easy to clean.
  • Its motor is powered by 1000-watt.


  • The coupling is made of plastic.
  • A bit noisy.

Oster Reverse Crush Counterforms Blender:





Check On Amazon







The Oster Reverse Motor Blender is a true precision machine. The powerful 600-watt reversible motor alternates the blades forward and backward. It extracts food and ice to obtain a homogeneous and uniform mixture, which means that it is no longer necessary to scrape food from the blender with a spatula. A super sharp star blade evenly cuts food and creates a mixture of shaved ice in a matter of seconds.



– Powerful 600 watts motor that offers the best performance.

– Eliminate blockage of the mixture with easy-to-use controls

– Reversible technology automatically moves the blade

– 7 speeds including 2 programmed and pulse


  • Glass dishwasher safe glass
  • This blander comes with a premium quality glass that ensures you will not have any chemical leaching into your smoothie


  • Some users say it has limited functionalities.

Oster Blender – Pro 1200 with Glass Jar:





Check On Amazon







Oster Blender BLSTMB is one of the great blenders available in the market today.

Now make the fresh smoothie with Oster Blender Pro 1200 blender. It is designed for culinary convenience using Smart Settings, Dual Direction Blade Technology, and Pre-Programmed setting – All these features offer toughest blending jobs.



– It comes with an attractive smoothie cup with 24 oz so you can easily take it with you on your walk, to work, and more.

– It has built-in Smart Settings Technology for smoothies, milkshakes, salsas, and 7-speed from pulse to puree.

– It is designed with powerful 1200 watts and 900 watts of ice crushing power.


  • Exceptional at grinding coffee beans.
  • The jar is very easy to place on its base.
  • Dishwasher safe so you can clean it easily
  • It is featuring 50% larger sized blade that crushes everything with ease


  • It is quite noisy.

Types of Blender for Green Smoothies:

There are different types of blenders available on the market, let us check out its different types:

 Immersion Blenders:

An Immersion type of blender is a kitchen tool. It is mainly used for blending sauces, soups, and other different types of liquids. This type of blender is usually a stick with blades at the end of it.

The immersion blenders are very handy and very portable. The stick mixer design is always the same. Higher power in watts is reflected directly in the number of revolutions. The engine itself is housed invisibly in the handle. The next component is the hand blender handle. Only in this way can the blender be well served and held tight.

As a handy alternative to expensive kitchen machines, an immersion blender is used to puree, juice and mix all kinds of food. The device has a rotating knife on the underside, which can be equipped with two or more blades. The knife is integrated into a mix and thus covered by the body of the hand blender. This ensures that the user can not be injured while using the device.

 Personal Blenders:

The little darling of any vital kitchen is undoubtedly the personal blender. It is easier to handle than a high-performance mixer, but it is also easy to use and clean and makes it easy to prepare numerous drinks and meals.

The system of Personal Blenders is perfectly thought out. The sharp cutting unit is separate and is unscrewed onto the mixing bowl. Subsequently, this mixing unit is inserted and locked in the engine block. Only then does the Personal Blender begin to mix. Also, this separate cutting mechanism makes it particularly easy to clean – simply rinse off with running water and go on.

Also, the practical mixing containers can be used to store and transport the smoothies, dips, and soups, the matching lids are usually included with the blender. Because of its compact size, the Personal Blender fit into any kitchen and can also be conveniently stowed away in the kitchen cupboard.

 Conventional Blenders:

If you’ve decided on a high-performance mixer, you’ve already made a mixer pre-selection. Alternatives would be conventional blenders. This types of blenders are mostly used for kneading dough or whipping cream. High-performance mixers are blenders with very high performance, which can shred almost anything.

Conventional blenders always consist of one foot and a variable container into which the ingredients are added. In the container is the knife star, which can be removed for cleaning depending on the model. In the foot sits the engine and on the foot the button to operate the mixer.

So if you like smoothies with the sometimes difficult to shred green plants, you will sooner or later have to resort to the high-performance conventional blenders. This makes the production of healthy drinks for breakfast much easier or even possible.

High-Performance Blenders:

High-performance mixers are also called as professional mixers. They are the “premier class” of Smoothie Maker both in terms of performance, as well as in terms of price.

Especially with high demands on the smoothie quality, these types of devices are ideal.

If you are in the mood for lots of power and innovation but would like to stay under budget, this type of blender is exactly the right choice for you. Always stand mixer, which can shred any food by a high number of revolutions per minute and high wattage.

These are blenders that, thanks to their performance and workmanship, are almost completely small. With good high-performance mixers, for example, even walnut or almond puree can be produced. High-performance blenders also have a much greater juice yield with fibrous vegetables or leafy greens.

Specifically, the high-performance mixers can be specially measured by two criteria: the number of revolutions per minute and the power of the engine. Ordinary blenders usually have between 200 and 800 watts. High-performance mixers are often well above this value.

Factors to Consider When Choosing the Best Blender for Green Smoothies:

If you have finally planned to buy the best blender for green smoothies, there are some factors you need to consider while buying. Read on for more details:

Enough Watts and Power:

When it comes to performance, a high-performance blender should offer at least 1000 watts, in order to achieve the desired mix results. Especially since high-performance blenders often have a large mixing jug (1.5 liters – 3 liters), it is important to have more power here, otherwise, no large quantities of ingredients can be processed.

The revolutions/minute of a high-performance mixer should be at least 30,000 unless they are devices with SlowMix technology, but ingredients are mixed with significantly fewer ingredients, but more intense.

 Strong Blade: 

Of course, at a cost of well over $ 100, the processed material is of crucial importance, because ultimately the quality of the blades determines the quality of the smoothies. Therefore, it should be noted: The blades should be made of stainless steel and be at least 4-winged, better still 5-winged. This results in a better rotation and a more intense suction, which effectively minces the ingredients.

When processing material you should make sure that it is made of glass or BPA free plastic. The case should also be covered with high-quality material, mostly stainless steel.

Jar Size:

If possible, it is advisable to choose the one with the most capacity. Even so, you have to think about the space that you can give in the kitchen and you also have to take into account the people who will use it.

If only 2 smoothies are going to be made at a time, then you don’t need a family blender, you can use one with a capacity between 1 liter to 1 liter and a half.

If you are preparing many juices at once then we recommend a large blender (2 to 2.5 liters) to avoid having to empty it continuously.

Speed Settings:

The speed settings are also an indicator of performance. Keep in mind, however, that the values ​​given there are often manufacturer’s instructions. That can come from different situations and under laboratory conditions.

Specifically, this means that some of these data describe only theoretical speeds, that is, a blender running in the empty state, i.e. without fruits, vegetables or leafy greens.

Much more decisive and meaningful is the pure speed under load in itself and beyond that also the maximum possible running time of the engine under these conditions. How many turns does a blender need for smoothies? Ultimately, the mixer is all about the power to get the maximum out of the ingredients used.

For pure fruit or vegetable smoothies, this is not a big challenge and can also be done by ordinary blenders from the lower price ranges. Challenging it is as mentioned in green smoothies when the goal is the breaking up of the cellulose walls of the plant cells. In these cells, we find the highest concentrations of vital substances.

It is often said that this can be achieved from a speed of about 25,000 revolutions per minute.

Cleaning and Maintenance:

Cleaning and maintenance of the blenders should be easy. It is easier to wash removable stainless steel. For example, by making thick sauces. However, the possibility of leaks and wear is greater. The blender blades come in different shapes, wide and long. In addition, the more blades the blade has, the more effective it will be.


Accessories are also one of the main things you should consider while buying the best green smoothies blender. It should come with an additional beaker, grip, rubber mat, a whisk, chopper, and other accessories.

Tips to Make Perfect Green Smoothies:

If you have just started having green smoothies, you will surely need some best tips to make perfect green smoothies. Read on the following section:

Always Add Liquid:

The creamier a green smoothie, the better it tastes. In the first place, a high-performance mixer ensures the perfect creaminess. Second, creamy fruits such as avocado, banana, mango, peach, or jelly-like persimmons follow. It is advisable to add liquid always.

They act as binding agents between leaf green, water and the other fruits. Example: Already 1/4 piece of avocado without peel and core is completely sufficient for a liter of green smoothie.

 Blend in stages to avoid leafy chunks:

It is always advisable to blend in stages to avoid leafy chunks. If you want to have the best green smoothie, you should first blend up the liquid base and leafy greens. And then add up your remaining fruits and blend them again.

 Follow the 60/40 formula:

When you are going to make your first few green smoothies, do not just throw ingredients in the blender. It may taste nasty if you will not add it in the right propositions. So always remember and follow the 60/40 formula. 60% fruits and 40% leafy greens.

There are leafy green varieties that can taste very clearly in the green smoothie. You can easily soften the taste of these leafy green varieties by removing the stem or stalks of the leaves.

 Tips for sweetening:

Green Smoothie got too sour? We recommend sweetening a green smoothie with only ripe fruit. The riper the fruit, the sweeter the smoothie becomes. Above all, bananas that already have brown spots, tree-ripened mangoes or a few slices of honeydew melon are ideal sweeteners.

Dates are also very good with their high sweet content – especially if you do not like bananas or tolerate. About a date – alternatively 2-3 normal dates are already sufficient for a liter of smoothie.

 Keep it creamier:

The creamier a green smoothie, the better it tastes. In the first place, a high-performance mixer ensures the perfect creaminess. Second, creamy fruits such as avocado, banana, mango, peach, or jelly-like persimmons follow.

They act as binding agents between leaf green, water and the other fruits. Example: Already 1/4 piece of avocado without peel and core is completely sufficient for a liter of green smoothie.

 Try to make with warm spices:

When it gets really cold outside, we like to experiment with spices in the Green Smoothie. In addition to fresh ginger and turmeric, these are mainly vanilla, cinnamon, and cardamom, which refine a smoothie creation and give it a warming, aromatic note.

Our Dosage recommendation: Per liter of smoothie is usually sufficient a thumb tip of fresh ginger or two thumb tips of fresh turmeric. With the powder, spices are often already a small pinch enough.


Best Green Smoothies Blenders are ideal smoothie makers for anyone who has slightly higher demands on the quality of his smoothie. There are different price and performance classes.

If you really don’t know which to choose , Vitamix 5200 won’t go wrong.

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