Whole House Humidifier Pros

  1. They are good for your health

Low levels of humidity cause many health problems. Whole house humidifiers keep the air good for your health regardless of the room one occupies at home.

  1. Prevents dryness and itchiness to the skin and throat

Dryness and itchiness of the skin is caused by dry weather; acceptable humidity levels are a ready solution.

I would rather enjoy good health and avoid unnecessary health issues and buy myself the whole-home humidifier!

  1. They are not easily noticeable

Further, unlike portable humidifiers, these ones do not occupy a lot of space. Portable ones are also bulky and readily visible.

  1. They are noiseless

Whole house humidifiers do not produce any noise and are often placed in hidden away in places such as within the heating systems or furnaces at home.

  1. They are remote controlled

Some whole house humidifiers are controlled using a remote make it very easy to control humidity levels at home.

  1. They prevent sinuses and nose bleeding problems

The moisture brought in by humidifying your space can help stay clear of health troubles such as sinuses, allergic reactions, and nose bleeds.

  1. They are automated

Many of them will automatically adjust humidity levels depending of the temperature levels indoors. Additionally, the system requires cleaning only once a year.

Automated electronic devices are definitely a good deal compared to old school ones that require all the manual input, which can be hectic!

  1. You needn’t add water

The device utilizes water from the user’s water supply system. This provision is availed during plumbing installations.

Routines are sure easy to forget nowadays due to busy schedules; this advantage surely sounds helpful!

  1. Requires little or no maintenance

It is connected to the plumbing system and requires cleaning only once a year

  1. They help attain resource efficiency

When winter checks in, one can easily turn down the thermostat and lower the heating bills. According to the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), heating bills can be lowered by up to 4% annually for every degree lowered on the thermostat. Such statistics project to greater savings in the long run.

  1. Optimal humidity levels are easily attained and maintained

The optimum humidity of 30-35% is easily maintained thus lowering respiratory issues, virus vulnerability, dust mites, and fungi.

  1. They boost the resale value of your home

Buyers are often particular about upgrades such as the whole house humidifier during the sale of your home meaning that the resale value of a home is greatly boosted by virtue of having a whole home humidifier. As such, the device avails numerous buyers in case you wish to sell your home.

When selling a home, I would definitely love to be assured of a good price since it would help me acquire a better home thereafter.


Whole House Humidifier Cons

1. High initial installation costs

When compared to small personal humidifier, the whole home one is more costly to install. One requires an expert to install it properly. Although one may want a Do It Yourself option with such a device, it is impossible to do so. Their price is also higher than that of the latter.

2. When of low quality, they can cause mold

Lower quality whole home humidifiers may not automatically adjust the amount of moisture in the home. Mold can grow within the air ducts and around the home. One must settle for high quality ones to prevent such occurrences especially since these are self-adjustable; when humidity levels reach the optimum, automatic regulation occurs.



The whole house humidifier is surely a good way to get you comfortable at home. Comfort at home is very basis to emotional wellness and hence great times every day. It is hence wise to keep the air in your home more breathable.